earthdive is a revolutionary concept in citizen science and a global research project for millions of recreational scuba divers, snorkellers and others who can help preserve the health and diversity of our oceans.

earthdive and its partners the United Nations Environment Programme – World Conservation Monitoring Centre, along with marine scientists all over the world, have discovered that key indicator species in particular marine eco-regions can tell us a lot about the changing state of the world’s oceans.

And, by seeing and recording these indicators during your scuba dive or a snorkelling trip, you can contribute to a Global Snapshot of our ocean’s health.

The world’s oceans are the largest net sink for man-made CO2 on this planet. They are the ‘lungs’ of our planet and like us, our planet needs healthy lungs to breathe.

So help us give our oceans a much needed health check and contribute your observations here.

We are also monitoring plastic in our oceans. Record your observations here.

earthdive isn’t a one-way street. By sharing your experiences you will add to a global database of marine indicators, eco-regions, dive sites, divers and underwater observations from all over the world. Use our search box or just surf our pages for marine conservation news, latest dive centres and latest dives logged by our contributors – people just like you .

You can also download one or all of our 30 pre-dive briefing packs which have information on each eco-region and all our important indicator species. earthdive already has contributors in 118 countries – a truly global contribution to saving our oceans.

Your observational data will be used by our partners to help provide objective, science-based ecosystem assessments, support for implementation of environmental agreements, regional and global biodiversity information, research on threats and impacts, and the development of indicators and future scenarios for the living world. All information and data we collect from you is kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


SEE IT: Enjoy your diving and snorkelling and see what the incredible underwater world offers this beautiful and diverse planet.

LOG IT: Record what you see straight after your dive or snorkel trip – keep it in your log book. It doesn’t matter if you just saw one turtle – make a note!

MAP IT: Go to the earthdive Global Dive Log and record your observations.