Daroyen Village

Daroyen village compared to other Raja Ampat islands is a less populated area situated on a little island of Betew by Gam. The closest village Sawinggrai is five minutes away by boat and only possible reach by boat. The forest in day time full of birds singing. The night time is when nocturnal animals such as coconut crabs out scavenging and walking sharks swimming on shore to feed on small crabs. A short walk across the forest up to the hill overlooking the sea is a perfect spot to watch sunrise and sunset.

We are surrounded by the blue water mangroves connected to Gam island. This unique location offer solitude from the crowds of mass tourism and because it is at the centre protected area and mangroves, the area offers high concentration of amazing biodiversity from big fish to small invertebrates.

One of the thing that makes Daroyen location is unique. A ten minute walk to the back across jungle, you will be met by mangrove and sandy area. In the low tide, this place is dry. You can walk toward Gam island. During high tide, this place is a haven of various nudibranchs. On the west side is a “Lagoon” well protected from strong current and home of baby sharks.

Daily Boat Trip

Daroyen village offers daily trip snorkel and scuba diving without minimum guests within area southwest Gam, Arborek, Mansuar and Kri. We have two speedboats and a longboat which means flexilble itinerary according to guests wishes. Divers free to choose to do two divers, three divers a day or not diving at all.

Special Excursions

Raja Ampat is full of amazing scenery. We offer trips to far distance in a share boat cost to Pianemo and Kabui Bay for the spectacular scenery islands of limestone with palm trees and wild orchids. We also have the elusive Dugong sighting trip. This trip is one of the rarest and we only offer when there is a high probable chance for the sighting of this magnificent creature.

By choosing us, you will journey to one of the remote areas in Raja Ampat and enjoy the world’s most pristine coral reefs. With that thought, that means that the amenities you are accustomed to will not be readily available.  No TV.  No WI-FI.  No iced-lattes.  No air-conditioning.

Instead, imagine waking up to in a world where the sound of waves gently breaking on the mangroves and soft sand welcome you to a new day. A gentle ocean breeze guides you to spots where few people have ever stood before, and you watch majestic sunrise dance from above the hill. You’ll breath in all of Raja Ampat’s colours, sounds, and aura.

Somewhere close by, a sea turtle is hunting for its morning meal. A clown fish cautiously ducks in and out from its anemone. You take a last sip of coffee and head off to your day’s adventure.

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