Kings Corner, Maldives

Boat dive with Tracey, Bob and Angela. Our instructor was Martin. There was a medium current under the surface and quite choppy so we had to jump in all together and be quick! Pulled Tracey down to 3m as she was having problems with her bouyancy. Lots of fish and really nice coral. Descended to 23m. Saw a 5 foot white tip reef shark – my first one! It was beautiful and came quite close!! Most of the other boat divers were around and I expect it was a bit inquisitve. Lots of Snapper. Like always my air was to run out first (50 bar), so I buddied off Martin’s Nitrox tank – cool! Slowly ascended to 5m for our safety stop. Average depth of dive was 13m. we surface as a group about 10m from the boat. Bit choppy getting back on boat but overall, really nice dive. Loved it!