Filetheyo – House Reef, Maldives

First night dive!! Entered the water from the shore at exit 6. Current was to exit 7 so we finned towards exit 5 for a bit. Within a few minuits it was completely dark. The lights lit up the coral and the colours were amazing. Bob buddied with Angela and I buddied with Tracey. Iris Hug was our instructor. Dive was a bit difficult and Tracey was very uncomfortable. There was a current and I was trying to dump air from my jacket, use computer, hold tracey’s hand, hold a torch and stay close to Iris. Tracey was actually very brave (as she told me afterwards she was terrified). Saw a Moray, large Snappers, soft Coral. Average depth for this dive was 10.5m and water temp was an amazing 28C! Helluva experience – felt sorry for Tracey but I loved it!!