Jumping Jack, Maldives

Last dive of this holiday!! Bit sad but lovely location makes me feel better. Jumping Jack Flash is a channel with sevral tilas rising to 5m (some as low as 15m). Jumped in from boat after 50 min ride from Filetheyo. Straight down to 15m when we realised Angela had lost her weight belt. Yan went down for it and surfaced whilst we hung out at 15m! T and I went up to 10m and waited for them and finally they joined us!! Little current took us on drift at 22.4m. Lots of reef fish, snapper etc. Really nice. Me first to 100 bar again! and we slowly asended to 10m where I buddied off Yan’s nitrox. At 60 bar we f=inned across the channel over the Tilas and surfaced after a 5m safety stop. Not to choppy on the surface. Really nice dive. Loved it!