Steves Bommie, Australia

The site comprised of a single underwater mount (Bommie) rising up from the sea floor around 2km from the main reef. So it wasn’t surprising to find that the current was running quite impressively. Also impressive was the amount of life on one small patch of reef. Honestly, this place is a reef-scientists dream. Every part of this site has something different about it. From the patrolling lionfish and white tip sharks at the base (around 30m) to the swirling schools of anthias and damselfish at the top (around 5m) this site has it all. The crew on the boat had attached at a small marker to a tiny crevice and inside you could just make out a flame-file shell with its glowing blue mantle and fiery red tentacles. All in all, a stunning site. If you go anywhere near Cairns, you have to dive this one.