Project AWARE launch Whale Shark Project

Project AWARE Foundation in collaboration with the Shark Trust, have developed the International Whale Shark Project to promote conservation of one of the most beautiful and impressive marine creatures: the whale shark.

Project AWARE Foundation and scientists involved in this eco-tourism initiative are calling all divers and snorkellers for help in contributing to the protection of whale sharks by logging and reporting their sightings to a new Whale Shark Photo Identification database located at

The whale shark database is designed to help divers and snorkellers to contribute vital information to researchers studying whale shark migrations and producing the information that is essential for planning the conservation

management of these huge, harmless animals.

Photographs of specific parts of the whale shark can be matched against existing records, so we can understand when these animals migrate and how their populations are structured. Whale sharks are a spectacular living resource and an encounter is an experience of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the whale shark population is in decline and without having more information, we cannot prove just how endangered and at risk this population is.

How you can help?

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