Fishermen protect Khanh Hoa

The coral reefs and the rich marine biodiversity of the Ran Trao coastal region, a tourist hot spot, in Khanh Hoa Province have found unlikely saviours in a group of fishermen, who despite their many handicaps are protecting this ecologically sensitive area for future generations.

Motivated only by their love for the sea, these local fishermen from the coastal village of Xuan Tu Village in Van Hung Commune of Van Ninh District, have proved a boon to this region rich in rare marine flora and fauna, including abalones, holothurians, sea horses and actinia.

The region, which has coral reefs covering 60 per cent of the area, is also an important centre for breeding lobsters, and reportedly has about 1,700 breeding cages.

But, unlike the Hon Mun coastal area in the province