Fish are moving out of North Sea

Huge numbers of fish are being driven out of the North Sea because global warming is making the water hotter, scientists have warned.

Many of the fish are ones which makes lots of money as they’re sold to eat, like cod, sole and whiting.

Scientists have said that some species of fish may have disappeared totally from the area by the year 2050.

Some fish are already endangered, and this is “yet another challenge that they face” an expert said.

The average temperature in winter at the bottom of the North Sea has gone up by about one degree Celsius since the 70s, researchers say, which they put down to global warming.

The team has looked at information on 36 different species of fish going back to the 1970s. Of these, 21 of them have moved northwards, some by hundreds of kilometres.

Finding food

There are two main problems with these fish shifts. One is that as the fish move north, the fish or creatures they eat may not, so they may have problems finding food.

And if some of these fish die out, it will hit the fishing industry badly.

Scientists say more research is needed and more measures put in place to protect fish.