BP chief urges action on climate change

The head of corporate giant BP in Australasia says that companies must change their practices to help halt the effects of climate change.

BP’s Australasian president, Gerry Hueston, has told a business gathering in Perth that companies should use less fossil fuel and adopt technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Hueston says while demand for energy is expected to double within 50 years, the level of pollution should remain the same.

He says the technology exists to make that possible.

“Doubling the fuel economy of 2 billion cars, doubling the fuel economy from the average today of 12 to say 24 kilometres per litre,” he said.

“Other examples are to replace coal with gas at feed stock for 1,400 power stations globally, to capture and store [carbon dioxide] at 700 coal-fired power stations.”

Source: ABC News