Greenpeace to look at climate change in South Australia

Environment group Greenpeace is taking its flagship Rainbow Warrior to the Murray Darling Basin in South Australia to examine the impact of climate change. Greenpeace says the basin is one of the country’s most vulnerable regions and needs to be protected.

Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham says while South Australia has made some steps towards renewable energy, the Government must do more to reduce consumption of fossil fuels.

“The Rainbow Warrior is visiting the Murray Darling and witnessing the impacts of climate change, but also will then go on to Adelaide to urge state leaders to help South Australia make the shift to clean energy,” he said.

Greenpeace is urging the Government to implement the state renewable energy target of 25 per cent by 2020.

“It’s had a fairly quick uptake of wind power and solar power, but we’re still reliant on over 50 per cent of our electricity on burning coal,” Mr Wakeham said.

“So if we actually want to address climate change we need to shift from burning coal to clean energy in South Australia.”

Source: ABC News