Conservationists welcome new whale watching laws

Conservationists say new guidelines for whale watching will result in more uniform protection laws across the country, reports ABC Online

The new guidelines cover observation and contact with whales and dolphins. Australian Whale Conservation Society spokesman Paul Hodda says standard national guidelines are needed as whale watching is one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the country.

“Because there are so many more people with vessels there are so many people going out privately as well as commercially and we have an increasing population of humpback whales, it’s important to put sensible rules in place to protect whales from people but also people from whales.”

He says the national regulations will ensure the creatures are protected in all states.

“Essentially the approach distance for large whales and those type of things are fairly consistent with what is in place in most states of Australia anyway so that’s good there hasn’t been any weakening of the legislation.”

Source: ABC Online