Brit millionaire marries a dolphin!

In a highly unusual wedding, a 41-year-old British millionaire has tied the knot publicly with her 35-year-old sweetheart, a dolphin from the famous Eilat dolphin reef, a media report said.

Sharon Tendler, a British rock concert producer, met the dolphin, Cindy, 15 years ago and developed a liking resulting in two to three annual visits every year to spend some time with her underwater love, daily Yediot Ahronoth reported.

“The peace and tranquility underwater, and his love, would calm me down,” the excited bride reportedly said after the wedding.

Following the long romance Tendler last week approached the dolphins trainer, Maya Zilber, with the extraordinary request.

Zilber accepted and “talked the idea over with the fellow” who apparently consented, the report said.

The thrilled bride, wearing a white dress, on Wednesday walked down the dock before hundreds of astounded visitors and kneeled down before her groom, who was waiting in the water.

Tendler was photographed by the daily hugging Cindy, who was escorted by his fellow best-men dolphins. She then whispered sweet nothings in his ear, and kissed him in front of the cheering crowd.

Tendler was then tossed into the water by her friends.