Major Renovation for Environmental Portal

The world’s leading environmental web portals have undergone a major renovation that is being unveiled today as the United States celebrates Earth Day. Ecological Internet’s long-established and popular climate, water and environment portals now feature new modern “version 2.0” graphic interfaces and updated search engine capabilities.

Ecological Internet’s President, Dr. Glen Barry, explains “these environmental portals are today rededicated to uniting cutting edge information retrieval technologies and ecological science, in order to provide the knowledge base necessary to respond to deteriorating climate, water and terrestrial ecosystems, and to facilitate the development and implementation of policies sufficient to attain global ecological sustainability in our lifetimes.”

Ecological Internet, Inc. — a non-profit charity formerly named — specializes in the use of the Internet to achieve environmental conservation outcomes. Ecological Internet’s mission is to empower the global movement for environmental sustainability by providing information retrieval tools, portal services and analysis that aid in the conservation of climate, forest, ocean and water ecosystems; and to commence the age of ecological restoration.

Ecological Internet has long been a pioneer in the use of the Internet for environmental advocacy. Online since 1993 and one of the first 10,000 web sites, the non-governmental organization was incubated as Dr. Barry’s Ph.D. project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has grown to be the most substantial and effective environmental conservation portal and action network in the world. Approximately one million users visit Ecological Internet a month. Ecological Internet’s action network regularly helps achieve conservation outcomes, most recently in the Congo and Indonesia.

Climate Ark 2.0 is the world’s largest, most comprehensive and most used climate change portal. The site has tracked climate news and links continuously since 1999 and is used by about 10,000 people a day. The site’s unprecedented climate change search engine makes fully searchable several thousand carefully reviewed leading climate change information sources, or nearly one million climate change URL’s from throughout the Internet.

EcoEarth.Info (formerly the Eco-Portal) has also been operational since 1999 and is the world’s most exhaustive environment portal. The search engine is the largest online environment search index in existence, and the Earth Blog at provides a constant stream of analysis of the most important environmental developments of the day. Water Conserve 2.0 is a newer offering, in existence since 2003, and now features a water blog which highlights important water conservation policy developments.

This massive web redevelopment effort was made possible entirely through the generosity of small individual donations from Ecological Internet’s network participants. Following its completion, attention will now turn towards additional content development including more original writing and action campaigns, and identification of site sponsors including grants, individual donors and advertising. Ecological Internet’s web portals accept limited advertising to support the efforts – and are providing tasteful banners and links on their homepages in return.

Ecological Internet takes a biocentric approach, seeking ecological science based policy responses adequate to address the range of environmental crises which threaten the Earth and her humanity. More on Ecological Internet’s campaign goals can be found at: .