Mallorca marine reserve

Spanish authorities together with local Mallorcan authorities and representatives from the fishing sector have agreed on the creation of a marine reserve of fishing interest off the island of Mallorca.

The creation of this marine reserve is, among other things, a result of the necessity to protect a zone that presents a good state of conservation of the fishing resources.

The zone to be protected covers an area of some 11.200 hectares which is divided into interior and exterior areas with the central government and local government being in charge of one area each.

The investment for the period 2006-2008 for the operation, assessment and the outfit of facilities of the marine reserve is estimated at around 2.100.000 euros.

The usage of the marine reserve allowed will be subject to control and supervision and the development of it will be subject to an annual scientific tracking, which results will be the base of adjustments in its management.

Within the marine reserve, there will be at least one integral zone reserved where only scientific work will be permitted.

This reserve will be the tenth reserve since 1986.