Musician joins battle against driftnets

After joining the Oceana Ranger crew for the early stages of the campaign to track down illegal fleets, Miguel Bose calls on the governments of Italy and France to immediately enforce European legislation banning driftnets.

Miguel Bose participated for a week in the activities of Oceana, the international conservation organization. The singer joined the catamaran, Oceana Ranger, during its stay in the Corsican harbour of Bastia, to work with its crew of biologists, divers and campaigners.

He joined the Ranger directly from Peru where, for the previous weeks, he had been participating in a campaign to support the claims of the cotton farmers in that country.

On board, Bose was a full member of the international crew, participating in all the boat tasks. He also took part in great number of underwater dives, together with the Oceana divers, to document the state of Mediterranean ecosystems, such as sea grass prairies, and coral and gorgonia seabeds. Oceana is working to ensure that these habitats are protected by the European Union through legislation scheduled to be revised next year.

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