Cousteau Sinks with Great Whites

The grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau has escaped the “Jaws” of death.

Fabien Cousteau almost lost his life when he set out for a close encounter with great white sharks off the coast of Mexico.

But it wasn’t one of the monsters from the deep that nearly killed him. It was a wonky shark-shaped submarine he constructed to glide among the huge creatures in safety.

Fabien said: “I decided to build a sub that looked, moved and was exactly like a great white – and, of course, I got to be the pilot.”

But plans went pear-shaped when he sank to the bottom. It started plummeting to the bottom – it crashed and I was pinned there and communications weren’t working.”

His sister Celine was part of a team of divers in a boat above the sub who were eventually able to free him and pull him to safety.