Sharks threatened by EP Report

The international marine conservation organization Oceana has released a report aimed at European Union (EU) Members of Parliament (Euro MPs) to express its concern about a decision that will be taken in the European Parliament (EP) Committee on Fisheries on August 28th that could support the killing of millions of sharks each year.

Oceana calls on the EU to strengthen European regulations for shark fisheries management and to close major loopholes within the shark finning regulation to ensure the ban is properly enforced.

Sharks play key roles as top ocean predators, helping to maintain balance and biodiversity within ocean ecosystems. Unfortunately, they are increasingly threatened by overfishing, and their low fecundity and late age of maturity make their populations incapable of recovering at the same rate they are exploited.

Roughly one-third of all of the sharks and related ray species in European waters assessed to date, nearly 40 species in all, are considered