Coral regeneration in Arabian Gulf

Researchers studying coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf have found encouraging signs that corals in Abu Dhabi and Qatar are regenerating.

According to the WWF-sponsored coral reef study, at least 18 out of an original 36 species of coral found in the region have recovered from damage suffered due to past climatic events. In particular, Halul in Qatar and Ras Ghanda in Abu Dhabi are two areas where the most vigorous coral regeneration is taking place. Yasat and Dalma islands in Abu Dhabi also recorded good coral growth and high coral cover.

“We are encouraged by the results of extensive surveys undertaken as part of the coral reef project,” said Razan Al Mubarak, Director of the WWF office in the United Arab Emirates.

“Assuming no further disturbances to their habitat occur, the rate of regeneration suggests that the entire range of the region