Scuba diving is important

Cayman is a big success as we all know because of the good financial and tourism (mostly diving) business.

And of course the people, all of whom are doing a good job of regulating and growing those industries, which we hope will continue to support our economy into the future.

I was bitten by the scuba diving bug at an early age, and was certified before I was a teenager.

I spent six years (age 12 to 18) in the diving industry, and spent thousands of hours underwater. I was a divemaster, who for years made many unforgettable and spectacular underwater and above, experiences and memories for thousands of dive tourists; many of whom used to come back every year.

I was fortunate to work (and play) with the best divers in the world. My uncle Kent Eldemire (the pioneer of Cayman marine conservation), my cousin Adrien Briggs (the best boss I ever had), Peter Milburn, my brother Wes, Ollen Miller, and too many others to mention.

So I think I am reasonably qualified to make my point, which is, why hasn