Killer whales spotted in Scotland

A pod of killer whales has been spotted off the coast of Scotland.

Workers on the Forth Rail Bridge said they’d seen up to nine of the whales, which are also known as Orcas, swimming near the bridge in the Firth of Forth.

Wildlife experts think the mammals have come to the area in search of food but said it was unusual for them to travel so far inland and so far south.

Robert Harrower, who works on the bridge said: “We have seen Minke whales and dolphins but never killer whales.”

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Robert was in a boat taking photos of the bridge when he saw one the whales up close.

“I saw the blowhole first,” he said. “The whale popped up about three times then disappeared, then came up in another area.


“You could see it was a killer whale as when it dived you could see its white underside and white neck.”

Wildlife officers said the Orcas should be visible from the shore but warned people not to get too close to them.