UK cod campaign hits Iceland

The Marine Conservation Society has today welcomed Iceland’s decision to slash the country’s cod quota by nearly a third.

As of 1 September, cod quotas have been reduced by 31 per cent to allow stocks to recover.

The MCS says Icelandic politicians had been influenced by the charity’s campaign in the UK which has led supermarkets to buy their fish from sustainable sources.

The organisation’s fisheries ‘police officer’ Dr Bryce Beukers-Stewart said that cod in UK and European waters was close to extinction.

“The recent bold decision by Iceland to cut its cod quotas in line with scientific advice really demonstrates the power of consumer awareness in sustainability.

“The Icelandic fisheries minister publicly stated that the prime motivation behind this move was to maintain Iceland’s reputation as a source of sustainable fish for the British export market.

“For MCS, this is the ultimate reason for the sustainable seafood movement – collective individual actions are now influencing international fisheries management measures – and helping sustain the long-term future of our fish stocks and marine environment,” he added.

Source: Shetland Marine News