Europe adopts new maritime policy

The European Commission has adopted an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union, which has the world’s largest maritime territory.

Officials said the policy marks the first time in 50 years that Europe will have a strategic approach to decision-making in Maritime Affairs.

“This is a crucial first step for Europe’s oceans and sea — unlocking the potential and facing the challenges of a Maritime Europe will be our common goal,” said European Commissioner Joe Borg, in charge of fisheries and maritime affairs.

“It will allow us to make the most of the geopolitical realities of our continent and will help Europe face some of the major challenges before it”

The European Commission said its new policy will build on Europe’s strengths in marine research, technology and innovation and will be anchored in the EU’s overarching commitment to ensuring economic development doesn’t come at the price of environmental sustainability.

The policy was unveiled during a news conference last week in Brussels.

Source: Science Daily