Catch of the day: Sustainable fish

Ten years ago, Henry and Lisa Lovejoy stood ankle-deep amid dead tuna in a Tokyo warehouse the size of a football field.

The tuna were headed to the dinner tables of Japan, and the warehouses would fill with fresh kill the next day.

And the next. And the next. Some tuna were so young, they hadn’t reproduced.

It was then that the couple, who ran a $20 million-a-year lobster export business in Boston, knew they had to stop doing what they were doing.

“We thought, ‘This industry has some serious environmental baggage,’ ” says Henry, 43. “We had a strong level of discomfort being part of an industry that wasn’t managing its resources well.”

Out of that sentiment came EcoFish, an 8-year-old company considered a pioneer in the market of “sustainable” seafood