Black Sea ‘5-10 years to recover’

The oil spill that wreaked havoc in the Kerch Strait leading to the Black Sea in early November will take at least 5 to 10 years for the marine environment to recover, says WWF.

According to WWF specialists, the 2000-tonne spill has badly affected the local fishing industry. Fish caught in the Kerch Strait are not safe for consumption.

The spill has also threatened birds. About 11 endangered species inhabit the area around the strait, including the Dalmatian pelican and great black-headed gull, and many more migrating birds will be wintering in this area in the coming months.

Thanks to the efforts of clean-up crews, including WWF staff and members, some birds have been rescued. However, these activities can only help save a very small percentage of the thousands of affected birds. Two dolphins have also been found washed up on shore where clean-up operations are being conducted, but their chances of survival are slim. The Black Sea is home to common and bottlenose dolphins.