WWF – Join bluefin Tuna boycott

As more and more major European retailers boycott Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna, WWF used the occasion of the Barcelona Seafood Summit to call on more to join the ban until the imperilled species is out of the danger zone.

France’s Auchan group, with a nearly 14 per cent share of the retail fish trade, was the first to declare a boycott on 28 December, noting that scientists had advised a 15,000 tonne ceiling on annual catches, while the international tuna management body was allowing a 2008 quota of 29,500 tonnes.

“Moreover, each year, captures greatly exceed the fixed quotas,” Auchan said in a statement outlining how the ban had been taken in line with its policy of pursuing a sustainable trade in fish.

Since then, a number of Swiss, Italian and Norwegian retail chains have declared boycotts and more are considering them.