Mexico shark attack

A shark has killed a 21-year-old surfer off a beach west of Mexico’s Acapulco resort, less than a month after another fatal shark attack in the area.

Osvaldo Mata Valdovinos died after his left hand was bitten off and his leg broken by the shark, officials said.

Friends swimming with him at Pantla beach near Zihuatanejo saw a 2m (6ft) shark pull him underwater, police said.

Last month, a US tourist died after a shark bit him near Troncones beach, a few miles away.

Zihuatanejo’s civil protection director, Jaime Vazquez, told the Associated Press surfers at Pantla beach has seen fins in the sea shortly before the attack.

He said Mr Mata bled to death from a 12-inch (30-cm) wound in his thigh, left as the shark broke his femur.

His friends brought him back to the shore, but he lost consciousness and died before medics arrived, police told AP.

Shark attacks are rare off Mexico’s coast, and the two deaths have raised fears in the area around the Pantla and Troncones beaches, which are 150 miles (240km) from the famed Pacific resort Acapulco.