Scientists learn more about ocean beds

Tasmanian scientists are taking part in a multi-million dollar project to find out more about the ocean bed in waters off three Australian states.

The latest sonar technology has taken detailed three-D images off the ocean floor around the Tasman Peninsula and in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

While pockets of the D’Entreacasteaux Channel are well known to fish farmers, divers and fisherman, much of the sea bed remains a mystery.

The multi-beam sonar equipment is giving scientists the most detailed images they have ever had.

Marine biologist Dr Neville Barrett says it will help scientists understand which fish and seaweed species go hand in hand with certain types of sea beds.

The information will be used to develop management plans for commercial fisheries and conservation areas.

It is also expected to help scientists tackle any threats from climate change.

The $5.5 million project involves five national organisations, including the University of Tasmania and Geo-Science Australia.

Source: ABCNews