Wal-Mart supports Cocos Island

Wal-Mart Central America recently launched a campaign to raise funds for research and conservation of Cocos Island, a biological sanctuary for researchers, the Mecca of the marine world for divers, and home to 3.5 percent of the Earth’s aquatic biodiversity.

The campaign raised more than $94,000 through the purchase of stickers that showcase the different types of marine life around the Costa Rican island.

The money will be used toward more effective park management and scientific research.

The densely vegetated Cocos Island is surrounded by small islands and rocks that provide an ideal environment for the migration of birds. It has a wide-ranging coral formation.

Due to conservation efforts, there has been a high influx of hammerhead sharks, which have become the main attraction for divers all around the world.

Additionally, there are 30 different species of coral reef that can be found here, nine of which are located at depths of more than 30 meters.

The island was designated as a Marine Conservation Area in 1978 by Costa Rica’s National System of Conservation and the Environment and Energy Ministry in order to conserve, promote, and facilitate the responsible use of the island’s natural resources, aquatic and terrestrial alike.

Cocos Island has been nominated to become one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Source: eponline.com