More turtles found

More and more sea turtles are being found in New Zealand waters because of the warmer temperatures.

Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World in Auckland is launching the Turtle Topia exhibition today to promote the mysterious marine animals.

Curator Andrew Christie says the stars of the show are three endangered sea turtles which are currently being rehabilitated after getting into trouble. He says some of the turtles have been caught in nets and had near drowning experiences.

Mr Christie says once the turtles have recovered, they will be released back into the wild. He hopes the exhibition will educate people about what to do if they find a distressed sea turtle this summer. He says about six turtles a year need their help.

Mr Christie says a lot are getting bacterial infections He says if the turtles come into New Zealand waters they get cold, which means they can not dive down for food and will eventually starve to death.

Mr Christie says sea turtles are particularly susceptible to heat shock, which can lead to the death of the reptile.