Bell Park Wreck Dive, Australia

Cartoon diver

Wreck Dive with 6 UEC members. Waded out about 50m before it drops away at the starting bouy. Vis was poor and got lost a one stage. Had to surface and take new bearing, as a lot of the trail ropes were submerged under a lot of sand and could not track from wreck to wreck. There are approx 4 boat wrecks and 2 planes in this trail, we found one wreck where we spent a majority of our time there swim through and taking pictures. There was enough sea life on this wreck not to find the others. at the depth we where at we followed the sand wall towards the exit to the beach which was our safety stop at 5m where filmed sea life there and where there a good 7-8 mins due to amount of time under. Will do it again and try to get to the other wrecks.