Helping Flippers

The beaches of Cyprus are the only ones on the Mediterranean coast where two different species of turtle come to nest.

The green and loggerhead turtles are both considered to be endangered.

The BBC’s Rafael Estefania joined up with a conservation project that helps baby turtles along on their first journey from their nests into the sea.

The beginning of October marks the end of the hatching season for the sea turtles on the beaches of the Karpaz Peninsula in North Cyprus.

An estimated 300 green and 2,000 loggerhead turtles make their nests in Cyprus, and from the summer and until late September hundreds of baby turtles leave those nests in search of the sea.

Every year, a group of volunteers joins the “Turtle Project” to work on the conservation of the turtle colony.

I caught up with the group last month and met Tom Smith, a volunteer in North Cyprus for the second year running.

Like the rest of the non-Cypriot volunteers, he was paid