Google could help protect fish stocks

Google, the global internet search engine which has become famous for allowing users to pinpoint virtually any spot on the planet, has now devised a Google Oceans offshoot which features a map layered where most of the world’s most sustainably sourced kinds of fish come from.

In a statement, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) said it had joined the new initiative and added that it was “proud and tremendously excited” by the sheer power of Goolge Ocean on the Google Earth site.

MCS’s first Google Map layer shows the fish available to consumers that can be obtained without risk of depleting stocks – a positive message to accompany the launch of Ocean on Google Earth. The new features will help bring the ocean to life in homes, businesses and classrooms in a more visual form than ever before”.

It is also expected that the the new venture will eventually help fishermen to catch species which are sustainable and not under serious threat of extinction. There is even a special fish tracker which lets users follow the path of shoals – and even individual fish, if they are tagged.

Meanwhile, Carl Gustaf Lundin spokesman for the renowned International Union For the Conservation of Nature, said: ‘With ‘Ocean in Google Earth’ everybody can see the unbelievable beauty of our marine life and how incredibly threatened it is.’