China to establish Ocean Climate Centre

Indonesia and China agreed here on Thursday to establish an Indonesia-China Center for Ocean and Climate (ICCOC).

The agreement was made at a workshop attended by marine experts from the two countries which was held in connection with the two countries’ cooperation in the fields of marine science and environment conservation in concurrance with the World Ocean Conferece here on May 11 to 15.

The deal was put in a document signed by the head of marine research and fishery of the ministry of marine resources and fishery, Gelwyn Yusuf, and State Oceanic Administration of People’s Republic of China at Hotel Quality, on Wednesday.

Gelwyn said the cooperation was aimed at increasing communication and cooperation that had been developed so far in the fields of marine science and technology and increasing marine researches linked to marine conservation and conservation of marine resources.

The ICCOC, he said, would have six tasks namely increasing communication between the two countries’ experts, information and data exchange, organization of symposiums, workshops and seminars, publication of scientific journals and research reports and preparing equipment and vessels to be used for joint investigation and improving human resource development through higher formal training and education in the fields of science, technology and marine management.