Rare jellyfish discovered in Moray Firth

A jellyfish species usually found in the North West Pacific Ocean has made its way to the Moray Firth.

The crystal jellyfish, known as Aequorea Victoria, is now on display at Macduff Marine Aquarium after being discovered by a wildlife tour operator at Aberdour Bay, east of Pennan.

Ian Page, skipper of the boat first saw the unusual jellies at the beginning of August and after trawling the internet to identify the species, alerted aquarium staff of his find.

The jellyfish range in size from 5cm to 20cm in diameter and are transparent, with purple coloured lines radiating from the centre.

Like other jellyfish, the crystal jelly has stinging tentacles, used to catch small planktonic prey, though they are not harmful to humans.

Peter Richardson, the Marine Conservation Society