Claim dive crew damaged Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has confirmed it is investigating a complaint about a Cairns dive operator whose crew allegedly dragged an anchor through a healthy coral reef and tied a boat to a stack of live coral.

Three international tourists have released photographs of the devastation they saw the moment they emerged underwater, while their vessel was moored at Ribbon Reef 8, off Cape Flattery, earlier this week.

The operator cannot be named for legal reasons.

Canadian diver Jason Kennedy, 26, alleged the crew had taken a 50m rope and tied it around a nearby coral bommie.

“The thick rope had been put around the bommie and was cutting through soft and hard corals, doing real damage to the reef,” Mr Kennedy said.

“For a full day we were moored like this, all day the movement of the vessel caused more and more damage to the bommie.”

He claimed when the crew dropped the vessel