‘Russian roulette with planet’

Critics of the science behind man-made global warming theories are playing “Russian roulette with the planet”, the new head of the controversial unit at the centre of the “climategate” storm has warned.

Prof Peter Liss, acting director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), said sceptics were endangering the lives of generations to come by making unsupported claims.

“The evidence is hugely for there being substantial climate change due to man’s activities and if you want to argue against that case you have to produce some evidence.”

Prof Liss spoke after the Norwich-based UEA launched an independent review of the CRU~s work.

An international furore erupted up after staff emails were stolen and posted onto the internet last year.

Climate sceptics believe they show data has been manipulated in favour of the case for man-made climate change – a claim strongly denied.

Prof Liss said: “This is not just some intellectual argument between people who think they know the answer, we are talking about the future of the globe.

“If you’re on the climate sceptics side, you have to have really good evidence for your case because if you’re wrong then the consequences for all of us and all our children and whoever comes after is hugely influenced.

“I don’t see that evidence, I see lots of assertion but it’s not backed up. It’s very dangerous and like playing Russian roulette with the planet.”

Source: telegraph.co.uk