Diving drug smuggler foiled in sewer

Border Patrol agents seized a scuba tank and two bundles of marijuana Friday from a man wading through a sewer system just east of the Douglas Port of Entry.

Agents monitoring an infrared camera saw six people who had crossed the border into the United States, one of whom was carrying the bundles, said Colleen Agle, an agency spokeswoman.

The six people crossed back into Mexico, and agents didn’t find the bundles.

While looking for the packages, agents noticed bubbles floating down a sewer opening, and headed north to investigate. They came across a manhole and opened it.

After a while, a man in a black and purple wet suit, sporting a scuba tank and diving mask and carrying two bundles of marijuana, passed directly under the agents, she said.

When the man noticed them, he dropped the tank, mask and 55 pounds of marijuana and waded back toward Mexico.

Source azstarnet.com