Earth Day hopes to involve 1.5 billion people

Now in its 40th year, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide through events promoting awareness of environmental issues.

In 2010, organizers hope to involve 1.5 billion people in the activities organized by 19,000 organizations in 190 countries.

Climate change legislation is a hot global topic in 2010 and will serve as the focus of an all-star Earth Day rally in Washington DC. Additional events are scheduled in Barcelona, Morocco, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, and Tokyo, among many other cities and countries.

An international event listing is available on the Earth Day Network website.

Among the major campaigns planned by the Earth Day Network is Billion Acts of Green, by which citizens from around the world are encouraged to pledge personal “acts of green” in a Twitter-like feed on the Earth Day website (more than 31 million posts have been counted so far).

Other 2010 initiatives include a Global Day of Conversation among mayors worldwide, focused on green investments and economies; Athletes for the Earth, encouraging Olympic, professional, and everyday athletes to promote a solution to climate change; and Artists for the Earth, involving hundreds of arts institutions and artists worldwide.

Visit the Earth Day Network’s website to learn about events, participate in a campaign, or take the Global Footprint Network’s ecological footprint quiz, which includes suggestions for reducing your personal environmental footprint.