Sharks facing extinction

Despite dwindling populations in our oceans the daily slaughter goes on – fuelled by the Far East’s passion for shark fin soup.

Brit photographer Alex Hofford was amazed after wading through blood in the town of Kesen-num to capture the scene at just one processing factory.

He said yesterday: “It was hellish – so much killing just for fins.”

A similar fate awaits the 73MILLION sharks being harvested for their fins every year.

Endangered blue-fin tuna are also victims as Japan defies calls for the bloodbath to end. Kids there eat shark fin SWEETS.

Ocean populations of scalloped hammerhead sharks are down 98 per cent.

But factory owners proudly trumpet their mountains of corpses as tourist attractions.

UK conservation charity the Shark Trust warned grimly: “This slaughter is cruel and unsustainable.”