Another Mass Stranding in NZ

Once again, there had been a mass stranding of pilot whales on New Zealand beach.

It had reached to 124 pilot whales which were found stranded at Spirit Bay according to the Department of Conservation.

But Department of Conservation Area Manager Jonathan Maxwell have announced, that 25 pilot whales were already dead when they arrived.

Some of them are still alive. In addition to this, 50 pilot whales more were perceived not too far from 74 which got stranded.

According to Maxwell, they need many volunteers in order to drive the mammals back to the ocean.

However, it’s possible that it will reach until tomorrow before driving the stranded pilot whales back.

In August alone, 58 pilot whales were also stranded at the neighboring Karikari Beach.

New Zealand is one of which having numerous cases of whale stranding because of its migration from Antarctic waters beginning in September.