Tiger shark grabs camera

A Tiger shark shocked divers when it made a lunge for one of their cameras during an underwater expedition in the Bahamas.

After posing for several snaps the shark decided enough was enough and grabbed the equipment in its jaws. It then swam off before dropping the cam several metres away on the sea bed.

Photographer Karin Brussaard, from the Netherlands, captured all the action on camera.

She said: “There were about six or seven tiger sharks down there and we couldn’t believe our luck.

“We were having a great time photographing them all until one diver swam towards one of them trying to get a better shot.

“The shark suddenly seemed to get angry and snatched the camera right out of his hands.

“I couldn’t believe it. It swam away with it and we all just looked on in amazement.

“Luckily it did drop it eventually and remarkably the camera only seemed to have a couple of scratches on it.”