Marine park walks the talk

When Resorts World Sentosa won the bid to build Singapore’s first integrated resort in December 2006, it promised a Marine Life Park (MLP) that would put the Republic on the world map as the region’s leader in marine research, conservation and education.

The MLP has on board today a team of professionals and animal experts who have been working to ensure that its development follows top-notch international practices and that it will eventually gain accreditation from a reputable international body.

Even before it opens, the MLP has put its pledge on conservation into practice. In May 2008, MLP launched the $3.2 million Marine Life Fund for marine-life research, education and conservation projects.

In December 2008, the fund made its first disbursement to WildAid for anti-poaching patrol boats in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

In 2009, it aided a national shark conservation campaign in China.

In the same year, it funded a marine-life education programme among kindergarten children, which raised funds for a local conservation group.

RWS has also undertaken coral conservation and remains one of the few destination resorts in the world that does not serve shark’s fin in its restaurants.

Just as what zoos have done to raise the profile of the panda and created awareness of its endangered status, the MLP has its role in wildlife conservation and education.

The MLP team welcomes views and remains committed to dialogue with special interest groups, supporters and individuals keen to learn and act on marine conservation.