Island made from recycled ocean garbage

The ocean is a vast place for animals and dumping garbage, so what is one to do about the latter issue? Turn that plastic trash into a self-sustainable island!

“Recycled Island” is the brainchild of Dutch architect Ramon Knoester. The idea to use plastic floating around in the Pacific Ocean’s “Great Garbage Patch” was conceived in 2009, but Knoester’s design firm, Whim Architecture is now making it a reality with a grant from the Netherlands Archictecture Fund.

The entire island is about the size of Hawaii with roughly 3,860 square miles for sunset romping. Knoester’s prototype island calls for a single family home with a solar roof, compost toilets, blue energy from wave motion and a farming system to create food and fertilizer from seaweed.

I never thought I would say this, but living on a patch of garbage sounds pretty cool. If successful, we might see more of these plastic garbage-made islands spring up.