One World One Ocean

One World One Ocean (OWOO) is a new campaign from MacGillivray Freeman Films, and it is all set to blow your mind when it comes to seeing and understanding the ocean in new ways.

The ocean is the beating heart of this planet, from controlling climate and weather to providing food and rain water.

Yet we grasp how important the health of the ocean is to the health of the planet.

We need stronger conservation efforts, and to drive those efforts, OWOO is providing us with an outstanding visual campaign to be released in segments over the next five years.

OWOO, in collaboration with MFF, is sending its film crews to all five oceans.

They will document the most compelling stories — from marine protected areas to sustainable seafood to plastic pollution — from each area and create three 3D IMAX films, an 8-part television series, a 3D theatrical documentary and an ongoing online video series, all to be released over the course of the next five years.

The driving force behind OWOO is the belief that the ocean needs a storyteller.

Director Greg MacGillivray states, “The ocean is our planet’s life support system, yet in my travels and at home, I’ve seen its degradation firsthand.

What makes our campaign unique from other ocean campaigns is our focus on using motion picture entertainment and compelling storytelling to drive major social change on behalf of the oceans.”

The films are hopefully the compelling evidence and emotional connection the world needs to understand why ocean conservation is so vital to this planet, and also show that conservation can’t wait. The ocean needs to be placed as a priority.

The films are being created for the purpose of driving conservation efforts on a large scale, and that couldn’t be a better excuse to settle in and enjoy these scenes.

We are very excited to see such an amazing effort being put forward to document not just the beauty and science of our ocean, but also its needs.

You can follow new video content as it becomes available, and get more information about getting involved over at OWOO’s website.