Keeping tabs on great white sharks

Australia’s leading expert on great white sharks says new receiving devices installed at north Stockton beach near Newcastle will help to pinpoint the movement of juvenile sharks more accurately.

CSIRO scientist Barry Bruce will give lectures this week at Tea Gardens and Caves Beach on the latest findings of his research team.

Mr Bruce says many of the 30 juvenile sharks tagged since 2007, are returning to Stockton and Hawks Nest beaches.

“We maintain, with the Port Stephens/Great Lakes Marine Park people, a series of acoustic receivers,” he said.

“These receivers can detect the sharks that we’ve tagged in previous years and let us know if they revisit the area and how long they visit for,” he said.

“We certainly did a lot of work on that off Hawks Nest last year.

“We look forward to getting our first data downloads in the next couple of months from stations at the northern end of Stockton Beach.”