Scylla net removed by divers

Volunteer divers have completed months of work to remove a 100m fishing net from the Scylla wreck.

Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium, which has been involved with managing the Whitsand Bay reef since it was first sunk in 2004, headed up the team of volunteers.

Aquarium bosses praised the work of those who have worked to make the conservation site safe for marine wildlife and recreational divers.

Divers have spent months cutting free the net by hand.

Volunteers included local firm Diving Marine Solutions, and Peter Fergus, who carries out the annual survey of the Scylla site.

Dr David Gibson, National Marine Aquarium managing director, said: “We are very pleased to see the site free from the net, and remain hugely grateful for the support that we have received from everyone during this arduous task.

“The Scylla reef is a hugely important conservation area, being home to more than 250 species of marine life