Whale of a Time in Patagonia

The first pods of southern right whales have arrived on the Argentine coastline, surprising and delighting tourists and locals alike.

A pod of the marine mammals were spotted at the bay at Valdes Peninsula, a protected nature reserve with a single tiny town being its only permanent human settlement.

The bay is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including fur and elephant seals, orcas and sea lions. The area also plays host to creatures such as the mara, guanacos, and almost 200 species of birds.

Southern right whales are attracted to the warmer waters there, swapping-out their home in the open seas further south for a more comfortable environment in which to mate and give birth.

They are likely to stay until late December or early January, before migrating back towards the Atlantic.

Classed as an endangered species, their habitats are often protected by law in order to promote breeding.

The waters surrounding Patagonia host the largest population of the creatures in the world: furthering the region