Pseudopercis semifasciata

Canchito is the Uruguayan name for this indicator, the Brazilian counterpart being Namorado. It is also known as the Brazilian Sandperch, and locally as “salmon de mar” or Sea Salmon. Commercially fished off the Southwestern Atlantic coasts, it can be found from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, to at least the New Gulf in Argentina.

With a maximum length of 120cm, but more typically 50-80cm and weighing 12-18kg, this important indicator has a pale brown body, with darker brown blotches giving rise to dark brown vertical and horizontal stripes. A row of dark brown blotches appears on the middle of the dorsal fin, with a prominent black spot on the upper lobe of the caudal (tail) fin. It feeds on fish, cephalopods, benthic (bottom dwelling) organisms and plants.