Snappers are a large and diverse group of robust-bodied, carnivorous fishes. Most species possess relatively large mouths with stout canine teeth and bodies covered with relatively large, coarse scales.

Snappers are members of the Lutjanidae family which has 17 genera and 103 species. They are found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Most species of Snappers are carnivorous fish with relatively large mouths and enlarged canine teeth. They tend to swim at deeper depths.

There are over one hundred individual species globally, but within the subtropical waters of Australia there are a limited number of species that you are likely to see at diving depth, and many of these are shown below. The approximate maximum adult size is also included in the list:

Common Bluestripe Lutjanus kasmira 40cm
Crimson Jobfish Pristipomoides filamentosus 100cm
Dory Snapper Lutjanus fulviflamma 35cm
Emperor Red Snapper Lutjanus sebae 116cm
Five-Lined Snapper Lutjanus quinquelineatus 38cm
Flame Snapper Etelis coruscans 120cm
Goldbanded Jobfish Pristipomoides multidens 90cm
Green Jobfish Aprion virescens 112cm
Malabar Blood Snapper Lutjanus malabaricus 100cm
Mangrove Red Snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus 150cm
Oblique-Banded Snapper Pristipomoides zonatus 50cm
Russell’s Snapper Lutjanus russellii 50cm
Sharptooth Jobfish Pristipomoides typus 70cm
Small Toothed Jobfish Aphareus furca 70cm
Two-Spot Red Snapper Lutjanus bohar 90cm
Yellow-Banded Snapper Lutjanus adetii 50cm
Yellowtail Blue Snapper Paracaesio xanthura 50c